St Michael's

Shepton Beauchamp

A large churchyard which is well maintained.  I think that the line of trees marks the original boundary of the churchyard.  Where is boarders Love Lane there was at least one cottage.  The later graves are very close together and sometimes there is only just room to walk between the graves and the rows. 


Not sure what tree/shrub had made its home here, but obviously had to be dealt with - maybe an elderflower or budliah.  I couldnt find an inscription but that might be on the cross in the centre, which is mostly buried now.

The other side of Love Lane is Thatch Cottage - one of the oldest buildings in the village

This shows the footpath to the church from Love Lane

Ivy is quite a problem on some of the old headstones.  It takes such a firm hold too!  Where possible I removed it to expose the lettering on the headstones but it was quite difficult and sometime impossible with just my fingers (and no nails).  Even the dead pieces keep a firm grip.  I wished I had a penknife or something with me so that I could have cut through the base stems.  *makes mental note to get a Swiss army knife*

The headstone for this grave is completely lost in amongst a holly bush, ivy and brambles

Most of the very old headstones are made of a sandstone and now unreadable.

I love this row of trees!

It looks like the inhabitant/s of this grave have been nicely tucked up in ivy - how I wish I had more time (and energy!) to spend clearing and tidying the graves.

I don't know what kind of tree this is (not the usual yews found in churchyards), but does it normally droop and bend it's branches like this!?  The branches are almost as thick as the main trunk.

Puss sat very patiently for over an hour waiting for a mouse to come out of the hedge - it knew it was there and wasn't going to budge.

Another job I would like to be able to do - uncover these two.  I found another stone close by which had less than a square foot exposed - I managed to pull back the grass enough to read the inscription but am left wondering how many are now completely covered.

A group of very old headstones and monuments - sadly impossible to make out any inscriptions because of erosion or ivy